When I work I free myself from all parameters and create a world of my own.


Alongside my free abstract pieces, I often focus on using the earth as a subject matter.


The various views of the earth regularly form the basis of my work. The artwork evolves however from an abstract of the actual image. Unusual paints, puzzling map formations, the sculptural creation of the continents and the incorporation of gold, copper or silver as treasures of the earth give the pieces their special character.


The steady evolvement of my pieces exhilarates me time and again, as they build up layer for layer, founded on a clear structure but each developing their own dynamic through the materials I choose.


For me, the excitement lies in the combination and incongruence of planned work and the unforseen. Connecting old and new, the expected and the unexpected to make one piece – this is art.


And ultimately this is what we are dealing with on a daily basis: Finding our place in today’s fast moving times and yet maintaining a connection with the elements of the earth. Accepting life as a mesh of planning and coincidence and having faith in our own creativity.